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Education While Having Fun

Are you planning an outing for your beloved students or a certain school group? Gain their participation and undivided attention in making the educational and entertaining school activities by booking a bicycle tour with Toronto Cycling Tours!

Based on TripAdvisor, the #1 outdoor activity to do in Toronto is bike touring. The bicycle tours we provide to the students will be a unique, safe, and fun way to learn and explore the great things about Toronto. Additionally, every tour is designed to accommodate riders of all levels, even the inexperienced ones.

  • Ideal for middle school and also for high school students, performing academic groups, performing co-curricular groups, International language students and resident University students.
  • Can host groups consisting of 5 to around 60 students at a time.
  • Can customized scheduled tours to suit better on course-specific needs
  • Can convert any of the scheduled tours, for the sake of your school group or any academic group, into a private tour
  • Hourly, standalone bicycles can be rented to school groups as a better option in terms of economic perspective

Additional group services available:

  • Dropping off and picking up of bicycle at the group’s hotel
  • Lunch, Breakfast or gourmet box
  • Indoor discharge and preparation area

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A: Yes. Aside from English, we provide tours in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, and Mandarin. For inquiries about another language, please contact us for further details.

A: The bike rentals will include a map, a helmet, and a bicycle. Locks are provided also but you have to ensure for one during the purchase of tickets or upon arriving at the shop. The rental shop opens at 9 AM and closes at 5:45 PM from April to September. From October to March, the shop hours will vary. If you are concerned in unable to pick up the rental gears during the shop’s opening hours, the delivery service is available.

A: For the scheduled tours, a 72-hour notice is required in a case for a refund and a 24-hour notice in the case for a reschedule, not including the circumstances on unsafe weather. The booking policies will vary for group and private tours, so it will be better to contact us for further details.