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Bike Exploration

Explore the highlights of the city on a two-wheel vehicle. Enjoy the environment and the freedom of neighborhood biking from one unto the next. Add as many locations you can visit as possible on your tour and experience with the convenience of cycling around.

Cycling Trails and Routes

Establish a connection with the city’s rich natural and cultural heritage through riding on various park trails and city bikeways. The Toronto Islands is one of the popular destinations where the parkland is car-free, the ferry can be easily reached through a bike and has a magnificent view of the city skyline. For deeper information on trails in Toronto, read ‘Top Cycling Routes in Toronto’. There can’t be a shortage of things that prevents you from pedaling for longer periods and enjoying the sights.

Toronto Cycling Map

It is a useful resource, showing the city’s 855-kilometer Bikeways Network, which includes the combination of bike lanes, off-road paths, and shared roadway routes. You can plan your route or take the 17-kilometer ‘Downtown Explore Route’ illustrated on a cycling map. You can also lookout for the ‘Toronto Ride Guide’ from ‘Ontario By Bike’.

Bike Rentals & Specialty Shops

Toronto has plenty of bike rental places and around up to 100 independent bike shops scattered in the city. You can stop by and select which you want to rent, from bikes, tandems to 4-seater rentals.

Bike Share Toronto

This famous public bicycle system enables easy traveling around the city. Bike Share Toronto offers a network of bikes throughout the downtown of Toronto. The docking terminals will allow the users to pick the bicycles up and drop them off from one location to another, all the time.

Bike Tours

With a professional local tour guide at your service, you can view the best of the city through biking. Toronto Cycling Tours has a wide selection of tours and a new feature for spring ‘Toronto By Nature eBike Tour’, which includes a ride to the splendid Aga Khan Museum.

Modes of Transportation

o    Bike Train:

You can bring your bike a lot easier to Toronto with bicycle transportation services like VIA Rail and GO Transit. There may be certain conditions and travel times that are to be applied.

o    Waterfront Trail:

Visiting cyclists can connect to the downtown area by utilizing the 56 kilometers of the cross-province multi-use trail of Toronto’s waterfront. The 1,800-kilometer path stretches from Lake Huron, then to Lake Erie, onwards to Niagara, then towards Lake Ontario and ends finally on the east side of Cornwall at Quebec Province’s borders.


Several hotels and ‘BnBs’ in Toronto can make special arrangements to provide you with secure, indoor bicycle storage. You have to ensure that the said service is available upon booking accommodations.

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A: Yes. Aside from English, we provide tours in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, and Mandarin. For inquiries about another language, please contact us for further details.

A: The bike rentals will include a map, a helmet, and a bicycle. Locks are provided also but you have to ensure for one during the purchase of tickets or upon arriving at the shop. The rental shop opens at 9 AM and closes at 5:45 PM from April to September. From October to March, the shop hours will vary. If you are concerned in unable to pick up the rental gears during the shop’s opening hours, the delivery service is available.

A: For the scheduled tours, a 72-hour notice is required in a case for a refund and a 24-hour notice in the case for a reschedule, not including the circumstances on unsafe weather. The booking policies will vary for group and private tours, so it will be better to contact us for further details.