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Holding A Fun, Team-building Activity

Are you searching for a suitable group activity that is engaging, exciting, energizing and for your staff? Here at Toronto Cycling Tours, you can collaborate with a creative team of experienced individuals.  Together, we can create an amazing team-building, charity, social or retreat event.

Our sets of bicycles can become the conduits for escaping from the usual and allows participants to experience a unique, memorable and entertaining group activity while achieving your organization’s objectives. We can accommodate groups of 2 to around a hundred.

Unlimited Team-Building Possibilities

Toronto Cycling Tours offers different and endless possibilities that can help you customize your team-building activities. Exercise inner creativity by unleashing your imagination. To gain some inspiration, here are some of the suggestions we have for you to get things going:

  • Games – Hosting games that involve adventure and mystery while keeping a high level of friendly competition (e.g. scavenger hunt, ‘Amazing Race’)
  • In Your Backyard – A simple tour around the neighborhood blocks for the sake of a limited but constant get-together
  • The Countryside – An extensive tour to the countryside trying to experience a setting distant from the usual workplace
  • Music – Cruising around landmarks known in musical history while playing a mini-game involving music knowledge or singing ability
  • Fashion – Visiting various fashion shops and boutiques and trying out different styles outside the usual
  • Food – Exploring the delicacies of different communities or just a simple gastronomical journey
  • Nature – Getting in touch with nature through riding along with the greener parts of Toronto
  • Family Time – Promoting family bonding through a group biking tour on any activity being offered
  • Ride for a Good Cause – Organizing fundraisers and charitable events through biking for a cause (e.g. Ride for Heart)

Benefits Of Group Activities

  • They are exciting and must-experience events that can promote teamwork.
  • They help in building professional and personal relationships through communication, sharing of trust and boosting morale.
  • They encourage collaboration, creativity, problem solving and leadership
  • They strengthen peoples’ connections with the fundamental aspects of the city like culture, food, landmarks, institutions, and natural settings.
  • They promote an appreciation for the outdoors and wellness as well.
  • For those seeking adventure, they satisfy the peoples’ thirst for it.
  • For those who had established relationships, they create long-lasting memories

A Few Thing You Need To Know:

  • For your safety, all of the tours are specifically designed to occur on quiet streets, bike lanes and park paths. Safety instructions are also provided before each tour. Please do note that wearing of helmets is a must.
  • Different languages are available: English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Cantonese, and Mandarin are available on all of the provided tours. If you don’t see your spoken language listed, please contact us and we will be accommodating your needs with our best.

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A: Yes. Aside from English, we provide tours in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, and Mandarin. For inquiries about another language, please contact us for further details.

A: The bike rentals will include a map, a helmet, and a bicycle. Locks are provided also but you have to ensure for one during the purchase of tickets or upon arriving at the shop. The rental shop opens at 9 AM and closes at 5:45 PM from April to September. From October to March, the shop hours will vary. If you are concerned in unable to pick up the rental gears during the shop’s opening hours, the delivery service is available.

A: For the scheduled tours, a 72-hour notice is required in a case for a refund and a 24-hour notice in the case for a reschedule, not including the circumstances on unsafe weather. The booking policies will vary for group and private tours, so it will be better to contact us for further details.