Tour de Mississauga - Sunday, September 16, 2018

Beginning with the 9th annual (2016) Tour de Mississauga (website), this event is operated by a third party (Sustain Mobility).  MCAC will be an advisor but no longer responsible for organizing the Tour.  For the 10th annual (2017) Tour, the City of Mississauga partnered with Sustain Mobility.  Arrangements for 2018 are TBA.

FREE Community Rides remain a program of MCAC.  The 2017 Schedule of 'mini-tours' covered every part of Mississauga.  Planning for the 2018 series is underway.

*ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR 2018 IS NOT YET OPEN*  The Tour takes place on the 3rd Sunday in September.  Click here for information as it becomes available.

NOTE ABOUT THE TRANSITWAY:  The City approved MCAC's use of the Mississauga Transitway for the 2015 Tour de Mississauga rides (the final Tour organized by MCAC).  All five (5) Routes: 120km, 100km, 60km, 30km, and 15km included the length of the Transitway which had been completed so far.  There were NO buses on the route during the Tour and 3,800 cyclists enjoyed the smooth, safe course as they viewed the new stations and public art along the route.  MCAC is now advocating for allowing cycling on the Transitway as a multi-modal transportation option.

ATTN: 2015 Tour Participants (8th annual)
Thank you for supporting MCAC's volunteer efforts for eight years!