Tour de Mississauga - Sunday, September 15, 2019

September 2018:  The Tour is over for another year!  The 12th annual Tour takes place the 3rd Sunday in September 2019.

► City of Mississauga Press Release (April 4, 2018): City of Mississauga Will Continue to Host Tour de Mississauga in 2018.

Mississauga News article (April 8, 2018): City firms up deal to host Tour de Mississauga 2018 cycling event.

► City of Mississauga - Press Release (August 29, 2018): Get on Your Bike and Ride in the 11th Annual Tour de Mississauga.

Arrangements for 2018 are the subject of a Report (9p PDF) at the General Committee of Council on April 4, 2018 (AGENDA Item 8.2).  The City of Mississauga will host the 2018 Tour, and hire a 3rd party (Sustain Mobility) to organize it.  MCAC will partner with the City to provide Volunteer support.

BACKGROUND:  As of 2016, MCAC is an advisor but no longer responsible for organizing the Tour de Mississauga, as determined by Mississauga Council.  For the first eight years, the Tour was an MCAC volunteer effort, starting with 26 participants at the first annual event!  By the 8th annual Tour in 2015, there were 3800 riders.  In 2016 and 2017, a third party, Sustain Mobility organized and restructured the Tour with assistance from City of Mississauga and MCAC.


ATTN: 2015 Tour Participants (8th annual)
Thank you for supporting MCAC's volunteer efforts for eight years!