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Credit River Parks Strategy — Cycling Connections

The MCAC received an update on the Credit River Parks Strategy (CRPS) (website) on July 10, 2012.  The 27 kilometres of the Credit River which flows through the City is a natural wonder and can provide the potential “green” infrastructure to support recreation activities including cycling.  Anyone who has ridden the Culham Trail knows about the natural beauty to be found along the Credit River!

A long-term goal of the CRPS is to connect the ‘Credit River Heritage Trail‘ for the entire length (from Port Credit to the 407) including through private lands e.g. the Kraft lands in Streetsville, and afford cyclists access to all the parks along the Credit River Valley, which is the City’s most important natural asset.  Bridges will be required and planned work on the QEW – Credit River bridge is one opportunity to create cycling connections along the River where none presently exist.

It has been identified that east-west routes in the City need to connect with the north-south River route for safe access to adjacent communities and neighbourhood destinations.  The CRPS is being coordinated with the Cycling Master Plan.

It is recommended that the surface sub-base of the River route be stabilized, given the washouts which presently occur.

► Click image (far left) to view the CRPS Presentation to MCAC: July 10 2012 (41p PDF).

Click image (for enlargement) of the MCAC “portaging” their bikes across the Credit River (2008), to illustrate the need for bridge crossings!

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  • Thanks for all the incredible work you guys are doing – are city is MUCH better because of it! I look forward to seeing new paths and bridges for cyclists of all ages in the coming years on the Credit, I will support you guys in any way I can. Really excited about the GPS study too, I’ll make sure to do some portages myself haha/

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