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    Citizen volunteers advising City Council on cycling issues

Tour de Mississauga - Photos!

The 2015 Tour de Mississauga PHOTO ALBUM will be posted soon as we have just received the images from our roving photographer and others!  If you have photos you'd like posted, we'll provide attribution!

The Tour was FREE thanks to our Sponsors.  Click for POSTER enlargement.

What better way to explore Mississauga than on a bike?  Over 3800 riders (final tally and break-downs pending) joined us on a cycling adventure all around the City!

The volunteer organizers of the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC) have designed this event for every riding level, from beginners to experienced cyclists.  Now the largest free cycling tour in Canada, the Tour is open to all cyclists on any kind of bike including legal e-bikes. 

NOTE: Out-of-town riders are welcome to participate!  We'll be happy to show you around in 2016!

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Tour de Mississauga cycling jerseys *SOLD OUT*

This is the official Mississauga cycling jersey and a great way to show support for local cycling initiatives!  Order online through the City of Mississauga's e-StoreWhile supplies last.

Limited edition Tour de Mississauga cycling jersey – only $40 (special end of line sale).  Click for Description and Sizing information before ordering.

(L-Front; R-Back)


2015 Tour de Mississauga will explore the Transitway!

The City has approved our use of the Mississauga Transitway as part of the 2015 Tour de Mississauga rides!  All five (5) Routes (15, 30, 60, 100 and 120km) will include the length of the Transitway which has been completed so far!  There will be NO buses on the route during the Tour and cyclists of all ages will enjoy the smooth, safe course as they view the new stations and public art along the route.  PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of the 2015 Tour de Mississauga, cycling is NOT permitted on the Mississauga Transitway.

►  MCAC members took a test-ride on the Transitway (Aug 23, 2015).  View Facebook PHOTO ALBUM (80+ photos)


New Road Safety Rules in effect September 1

September 1, 2015 -- On September 1, 2015, new rules of the road in Ontario will come into effect.  Provisions in Bill 31 related to Keeping Cyclists Safe:

The "dooring" of cyclists will carry an increased set fine of $365* and three demerit points upon conviction.

New rules will also require drivers to leave a one-metre distance where possible when passing cyclists, or they may face the penalty of a $110* set fine and two demerit points.

Cyclists who don't use the required bicycle lights and reflectors face a higher set fine of $110.*  A bike must have a white front light and a red rear light or reflector if you ride between ½ hour before sunset and ½ hour after sunrise, and white reflective tape on the front forks and red reflective tape on rear forks.

► Click for the Ontario Government (MOT) Press Release (Aug. 31, 2015) and additional information.

► Click for the legal details of Bill 31 as it pertains to CYCLING (for both drivers and cyclists). "These cycling changes are directed at encouraging cycling, promoting road safety, and sharing the road."


MCAC adopts Mandatory Bike Helmet policy

August 20, 2015 -- MCAC has now adopted a Mandatory Bike Helmet policy for ALL riders (including adults) participating in any of our cycling events.  This policy is cited on the webpages for the Tour de Mississauga and the Community Rides series and is effective immediately.

Under provincial law, all minors (i.e. under 18 years old) are required to wear a bicycle helmet in Ontario.  Like many other cycling-oriented organizations, we believe everyone should wear a bike helmet.

Helmets have always been mandatory for the Tour, but are now required for all Community Rides as well.  Virtually all other group ride programs have this proviso for participation.

For encouragement, 'Your helmet on your head is your ticket to FREE ice cream' at the end of each Community Ride.

► Click for the Bike Helmets webpage for additional information.


Support Greg's Ride, support cycling advocacy

From Share the Road:  "Join us on Sunday, September 27, 2015 for the 10th Annual Greg’s Ride, where 100% of the profits go towards supporting cycling advocacy and programs across Ontario.  There are several ways to participate this year, whether you can be with us in Milton, Ontario for the ride or not.

"This year, we host the 10th annual ride in memory of OPP Sergeant Greg Stobbart who was killed while cycling on Tremaine Road in Milton.  We join together as a community to remember everyone who has been affected by cycling collisions, to celebrate the joys of cycling and to support the work of Share the Road Cycling Coalition in building safer, more accessible and more comfortable places to cycle in Ontario."

Early bird REGISTRATION is open until end of day on September 5, 2015.

► Click for the Ride Volunteer Application Form to help out leading up to and/or on the day of the event.


'The Majestic Credit River' video features Culham Trail

July 28, 2015 -- There is a new Heritage Mississauga video that includes cycling on the Culham Trail which runs along the Credit River in Mississauga!  NOTE: After receiving positive input from Community Riders, we are adding a new Culham Trail Ride (click for webpage) to the Rides Schedule.


Bike Month Mississauga: May 25 - June 25, 2015

IT'S HERE, and Mississauga Cycling will be celebrating Bike Month Mississauga with a series of Community Rides!

"What began in Toronto as a Bike to Work Day celebration in 1989 has evolved to become one of the largest events of its kind in Canada and is now celebrated across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).  Bike Month brings together families, artists, commuters and community groups to promote cycling at hundreds of events all month long."  

► View Bike Month Mississauga events (part of Bike Month website).

► View ALL Bike Month events in the GTHA.

► Click to view full-size Bike Month Mississauga POSTER (at left).


Launch of 2015 Community Rides Program

May 6, 2015 -- This morning the Cycling Committee gave a Deputation (14p PDF) at Mississauga Council (GC) to launch the 2015 Community Rides program, sponsored by Toronto Pearson Airport.

In attendance was Ben Gomberg, just starting on the job as the City's new Active Transportation Manager. WELCOME BEN!

Image (far left), L-R: Jacqueline Hunter (AT Office), Donnie Morris (Chair, MCAC), Ben Gomberg, Irwin Nayer (Vice-Chair, MCAC) and Erica Warsh (AT Office).


Ben Gomberg new head of Mississauga Active Transportation Section

Read this latest blog by John Stewart concerning the status of cycling in Mississauga and the arrival of Ben Gomberg!

Mississauga News blog (May 28, 2015): Mississauga cycling takes a Gomberg leap forward
Excerpt:  "Why would a man revered in North American cycling circles for transforming Chicago into one of the most cycling-friendly cities on the continent want to come to Mississauga, the city the car built? ... Never look a gift bike guru in the mouth.  The fact is that, as of May 4, Ben Gomberg is Mississauga’s new Active Transportation Manager."

Received from Steve Barrett, Manager, Transportation Infrastructure Management, City of Mississauga:
April 6, 2015 -- "As a result of the recent Active Transportation Manager competition, I am very pleased to announce Ben Gomberg as our new AT manager. Ben is a proven leader in the implementation of active transportation programs, having managed the Chicago Department of Transportation’s cycling program for 17 years. He and his team successfully implemented 300km of Chicago’s cycling network including 50km of cycle tracks and buffered bike lanes; established Divvy - the city’s bike-share service; partnered in a program that taught cycling skills to 10,000 children annually; and co-authored Chicago’s Cycling Master Plan.

"Ben will be leading the Mississauga Active Transportation Section as we continue to expand our cycling and pedestrian networks, improve pedestrian and cycling safety, and foster a culture of multi-modal transportation that is less auto-dependent.  He will be starting with our TIP Division on Monday May 4, 2015."

MCAC sponsored a Ben Gomberg presentation in Mississauga (August 12, 2008) to share his expertise and insight about creating a bicycle-friendly city:

Mississauga News article (Aug 8, 2008): Chicago cycling expert rides into town
Mississauga News article (Aug 13, 2008): Learn to share the road, urges US cycling expert

► Summary of Ben's ground-breaking work in Chicago: Bike Coordinator Ben Gomberg Leaves CDOT After 17 Years
  "When Gomberg, a native of Montreal, started work as Chicago bike coordinator in February 1996, following a similar post in London, Ontario, our city had few bike lanes or parking racks."

The Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee looks forward to working with Ben on the 2015 review and continued implementation of the Mississauga Cycling Master Plan.


Every Cyclist's Guide to Canadian Law

MCAC has just received a complimentary copy of this new book (by Craig Forcese and Nicole LaViolette) from the publisher: Irwin Law Inc.

► Click for Description and Ordering information

Excerpt:  "More Canadians are riding bicycles than ever before, but did you know that riding your bike in Canada is now almost as heavily regulated as driving your car?  Whether you are one of more than 200,000 Canadians who commute by bike, the parent of a child with her first two-wheeler, a veteran racer, or a recreational rider, the chances are you will need this book.  In Every Cyclist’s Guide to Canadian Law, Craig Forcese and Nicole LaViolette, both law professors and avid cyclists, provide a comprehensive overview of Canadian law for bicycles — covering rules of the road, purchasing and using bicycles, what to do in the case of an accident or a stolen bike, starting up your own cycling club, racing your bike, and much more."

► Click for Canadian Cyclist book review (December 2014).

Excerpt:  "The authors use simple day-to-day examples to illustrate situations and clearly lay out the scope and limitations of your rights and obligations ... it will provide every cyclist with a better understanding of Canadian law as it pertains to cyclists.  They even contribute a portion of the proceeds from sales to the Share the Road Coalition."


Toronto International Bike Show

It was great to see everyone at the Toronto Bike Show recently!  We gave out free Mississauga Cycling Maps and the Mississauga Cyclists Handbook, and chatted about cycling in Mississauga, including the 8th annual Tour de Mississauga (Sept. 20, 2015).  Cyclists are also looking forward to the Community Rides series which will be starting in May 2015.


Frank Toth is the 2013 Phil Green Recognition Award Recipient

September 10, 2014 – Frank Toth is the epitome of an active older adult. This Mississauga resident is committed to keeping fit and spreading the word about active transportation in the city, especially among seniors. Frank is the 2013 winner of the Phil Green Recognition Award, presented at today’s City Council meeting.

The Phil Green Recognition Award is presented annually by the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC) to a person or persons who have demonstrated exemplary effort in promoting or furthering cycling or other forms of sustainable active transportation in the City of Mississauga.

Frank Toth is a remarkable example of someone who is determined to keep seniors active through cycling and walking in Mississauga.  Frank cycled as child but stopped after an accident when he was 10 years-old.  He got back on a bike when he was 71 and hasn’t looked back since. He founded the GTA West Outdoors Group, who meet regularly for rides and walks throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Through this group he encourages other seniors to keep healthy and fit by maintaining an active lifestyle. 

Frank is a great supporter of the MCAC Community Rides that occur throughout the city and is an enthusiastic and reliable volunteer at these events.  PHOTO: Frank is pictured with Phil Green during the Clarkson Community Ride in July 2014.

Here is how Frank feels about bicycles and cycling...in his own inspiring words!

"When I was about ten, I stopped riding my bicycle due to a fall that required twelve stitches.  I didn't get back on a bike until I was 70.  I started riding again because I had difficulty walking due to a sprained ankle.  I was despondent because the pain in my ankle and lower leg lasted for several months, and I had to use a cane in order to get around.  I was badly in need of exercise and I was becoming overweight.  A friend suggested that I get a bicycle, but I wondered how I could manage that due to the pain.  But at his urging, I went to Canadian Tire and purchased a small bicycle with 16-inch wheels.  I was delighted that this worked out for me.  In the beginning I pedaled with only one foot, but eventually the pain went away, and I moved up to a larger bike.  I then found and joined a local group of walkers and cyclists.  That marked the beginning of a new life for me.  In my 70s I began to feel like I was in my early 50s again.  My health improved, and so did my disposition. I even took up roller skating again.

"Walking and riding with others broadened my interest in many subjects, and I do believe it turned me into a better person.  Instead of dwelling on my own problems in life, I became more focused on helping others.  I've taken much more interest in community affairs, and I've grown to have greater admiration for our civic and political leaders and for the hard work they do toward making our city a better place to live and work.

"I can't say enough about how walking and especially cycling every day have brought about big improvements in my life.  I became less dependent on my car, and even sold it about two years ago.  Due to the many trails and bicycle lanes in Mississauga, I can ride almost anywhere.  Neighbouring communities are also doing nicely at improving the cycling environment.  So I've cycled with friends to the other side of Hamilton and to the east of Toronto.  And it's really wonderful nowadays that, if we want to, we can put our bike at the front of a bus or bring it aboard a train.

"I still am a bit overweight, but not nearly as much as I was before taking up cycling.  Some of my friends and I often encourage each other with the phrase "energy begets energy."  We've found that even though cycling is tiring at times, by sticking with it our overall energy and stamina seem to continually improve.  We sleep deeper and better and we hardly ever have those awful drowsy feelings in the afternoon that plagued us in our less active past.  We're more conscious now of watching what we eat and of leading healthier lives.  Another favourite phrase we have is, "Feel tired?  Go for a walk or ride!"  Our legs and our bicycles seem to remind us that life can almost always be better.  I'm almost 80 now, and many folks my age need to carefully watch their blood pressure.  I check my pressure often, and I'm happy to say that walking and cycling have done wonders for me in that area.

"Still, older folks need to consult their doctor when thinking about including a bicycle in their overall fitness efforts.  A doctor can advise us regarding our limits and capabilities and what we should avoid doing.

"None of us can know how long we will live with good health and energy.  We all hope for the best, but heredity, accidents, past mistakes and other factors can interfere with our goals.  But, all things considered, I think we do ourselves a great favour by giving walking and cycling a try and sticking with them as long as we can."

    Saturday, October 10 @ 10:00am

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Sept. 2015 Council Presentation (21p PDF)