Citizen volunteers advising City Council on cycling issues

Openings for Citizen Members on MCAC

ATTENTION CYCLISTS:  Are you interested in volunteering on the MCAC as a Citizen Member?  We have two (2) openings and encourage you to apply ASAP!  Must be a Mississauga resident and a Canadian citizen.

► Learn more About MCAC and feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

► View our Presentation to Mississauga Council (December 2016) for additional details about our activities.

► Click for the City's Citizen Appointments webpage for more information and a direct link to the online application form.  Note that many City Committees are advertising at this time.  DEADLINE: February 20, 2017.

NOTE: Despite any posted deadline or date on the form, applications are accepted at any time.


MCAC at the Toronto Bike Show

March 3-5, 2017:  MCAC is exhibiting at the Spring Toronto International Bicycle Show in March!  Come see us at Booth #___ (TBA, in the community groups area).  HOURS:  Friday - 12noon to 9pm; Saturday - 10am to 7pm; Sunday - 10am to 6pm.

NOTE:  There will be a preview version of the updated 2017 Mississauga Bike Map at our booth (see item below).

We'll have a new Postcard for our 2017 Community Rides program (approx. 24 rides are planned).  There will also be information about the 2017 Tour de Mississauga, presented by Sustain Mobility.  We look forward to chatting about your experiences biking in Mississauga!

► View Bike Show floorplan (1p PDF)

► View MAP of how to get to the Bike Show (.jpg)




New Mississauga Bikeways + Trails Map - Draft

February 14, 2017:  MCAC has reviewed drafts for the update (May 2017) to the Mississauga Bikeways + Trails Map.

The printed map images of the routes will be larger, with north and south Mississauga being split between the 2 sides.  The background will be grey.  The online digital version of the new map will allow several options.

NOTE:  There will be a preview version of the 2017 Mississauga Bike Map at the MCAC booth at the Toronto Bike Show.

► View the current (2014) bike map PDF on the Maps & Handbooks webpage.


MCAC Update to Mississauga Council

December 14, 2016:  MCAC made a presentation to Mississauga Council with the theme 'Supporting Cycling Culture in Mississauga.'  Cycling culture is becoming more evident in the City and we need to ensure it grows! 

MCAC has a three-pronged approach which includes:
    1. Grow Ridership  (our Community Rides are an example)
    2. Promote Safety  (we are promoting Vision Zero)
    3. Install Minimum Grid  (safe, connected infrastucture)

► How are we doing?  View the MCAC PRESENTATION (24 slides)



Mississauga Cycling Survey

PUBLIC CONSULTATION:  The City of Mississauga wants to encourage more residents to cycle, and to do this we need your input.  Help us understand why you cycle or don’t cycle, and what would encourage you to start cycling or cycle more often.  The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete and individual responses are confidential.  The results will be used for the city's Cycling Master Plan update that will guide cycling projects and programs between 2017 and 2022.  Over 2100 responses received so far!  Keep 'em coming!

We'll report back here once the results are available!


Credit River Active Transportation Crossings

PUBLIC CONSULTATION:  There was a Community Drop-In Meeting on December 1, 2016.

The City of Mississauga, in partnership with the Region of Peel, has identified the need for two new Active Transportation (AT) crossings near the QEW and Credit River, including a north-south AT crossing of the QEW at Stavebank Road.  There is also a need for an East-West AT crossing of the Credit River near the QEW.  The proposed crossings will be important to the connectivity of the City's planned AT network including significantly enhancing connections to the existing and planned trail network.

MCAC reps attended and advocated for pedestrian/cycling access across these barriers as soon as possible.

► Click for the City's project webpage (includes meeting Display Boards and updates).




Future of the Britannia Farm

PUBLIC CONSULTATION:  The final public meeting on the future of this 200-acre public asset in the heart of Mississauga took place on December 1, 2016.

Presently the Britannia Farm property is a cycling no-go.  A main topic of the new consultation taking place concerns public access to the site.  MCAC is advocating for pedestrian/cycling trails to open up the site, which is presently a hidden gem.

► Click for the Britannia Farm consultation webpage (includes meeting updates).





Lakeshore Connecting Communities

PUBLIC CONSULTATION:  Lakeshore Connecting Communities (website) is about planning for the future of Lakeshore Road.  This master plan study will look at how to best connect the communities of Clarkson, Port Credit and Lakeview while preserving and enhancing the unique character and sense of place of each community.  The study will build on recent planning studies to develop a design for the Lakeshore Road corridor from building face to building face that supports all modes of transportation, connects people to places, and moves goods to market.  The study will also evaluate rapid transit alternatives east of Hurontario Street as well as extending rapid transit into the Port Credit area.

Results of public consultation in November 2016 are now posted under the "Study Materials" tab.


Hurontario LRT

The Hurontario LRT (website) is about to get underway. The current planning/engineering phase includes developing a design for the Hurontario Street corridor that supports all modes of transportation, including cycling.  A parallel cycle track is being engineered to meet all standards for separation and safety.

The project will bring 20 kilometres of fast, reliable, rapid transit to the cities of Mississauga and Brampton along the Hurontario corridor.  The LRT line will have 22 stops with connections to the Milton and Lakeshore West GO Transit lines, Mississauga MiWay, Brampton Züm, and the Mississauga Transitway along Highway 403. 

The City of Mississauga Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project Office is working closely with Metrolinx, the provincial government agency responsible for leading the Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project.  In the coming months, Metrolinx and City of Mississauga staff will further refine guidelines and requirements for various project features, including the design of the LRT line stops, streetscape and urban realm, and connections to other transit services.

Metrolinx (engagement webpage) held a Mississauga Open House on November 29, 2016.  Click Poster for enlargement and details.


Spotlight on the 905: Pedestrian and Cyclist Deaths

A recent article in Metronews (July 21, 2016) entitled "Rash of pedestrian and cyclist deaths put spotlight on the 905's deadly streets" was published concerning six pedestrians and two cyclists killed in Peel Region so far in 2016.  MCAC spoke to the reporter, Luke Simcoe.  

Excerpt:  Irwin Nayer, vice-chair of the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee, said that if the city wants to be safer for cyclists, it needs to build more on-road bike paths. The vast majority of bike infrastructure in Mississauga consists of off-road paths aimed at recreational cycling, he said.

“We’ve tried to separate cyclists from vehicles and in doing so, we haven’t created the mindset among motorists that we need to be sharing the road,” he said.

Like [Ward 1 Councillor Jim] Tovey, Nayer said growth and density in the 905 will lead to an increase in cycling, and he hopes the region responds accordingly.

There will be a cycle track as part of the LRT development along Hurontario. There’s no question it will increase mode share,” he said.

“Now the question is do you wait to establish that mode share before you build the infrastructure, or do you build the infrastructure now because it’s the right thing to do?”


Volunteer Marshal Orientation

MARSHAL TRAINING:  MCAC hosted a Volunteer Marshal Orientation session on July 21, 2016, with the assistance of the City's Active Transportation Office.

We rode the previous Applewood Ride (13.3 km route) while we discussed and practiced various marshalling procedures.  A Safety Booklet is in preparation by City staff.

*THANK YOU* to all who attended the 1st session!  We will be scheduling another session in Spring 2017 including First Aid training -- stay tuned!

As the MCAC Community Rides have grown in numbers, we are grateful to draw on some of our more experienced riders to assist with marshalling.  We provide hi-viz orange vests to those who can help out and we also equip the marshals with walkie-talkies.

Those interested in participating should Contact Us.  ► Click for PHOTOS (on Facebook)


2016 Community Rides Launch in May

May 2016:  We are excited to announce the FREE 2016 Community Rides series!  Once again, we have the sponsorship of Toronto Pearson (GTAA) which enables us to provide FREE ice cream after every ride, along with the prize program!

► The 2016 Schedule is posted.  *ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED*

► MCAC made a Deputation to Mississauga Council on Wed. May 11, 2016 (19p PDF) about the success of the 2015 program and our expanded plans for 2016!


VISION ZERO:  See our Vision Zero webpage for updates on MCAC advocacy

COMPLETED!  See 2016 Rides Schedule and links to webpages for each ride