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Design Your Own T-shirt

Designing your own custom hoodies allows you to unleash your creativity, have fun, and earn a bit of cash if you intend to sell your products. This article highlights the steps you need to follow in order to design your own. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Plan Your Design

The first thing you should do is to think of what you want to design. This will give you the theme based on the purpose of the design. Do you want to design a custom T-shirt for your sports team, charity, or any other function? After deciding what you want to portray, select the best color scheme for your theme then add dimensions to your design.

After incorporating the colors and adding dimensions, it’s time to balance your design and decide on where to place your design within your T-shirt. Finally, create a mock design and assess how it looks before putting it on your T-shirt.

Step 2: Make a Digital Image of Your Design

This step involves using software to create an image of your design. You can use Adobe Photoshop to create a paper sketch. If the paper sketch does not work for you, you can use computer software to create a line art using Photoshop or similar software.

You can consequently add text if it is part of your design. Create a prototype of your design by ironing your design or using printing professionals.

Step 3: Screen Print Your Design

You will require some supplies if you intend to print your T-shirt at home. These include a plain T-shirt, degreaser, water, brush, and coating tray. Prepare the printing screen by mixing a degreaser and cold water then using a brush to apply the mixture on the screen. Make a mixture of emulsion and sanitizer and apply the emulsion on the screen.

Burn your design into the emulsion and rinse the screen. Wrap the underside edges of the screen using a waterproof tape and place the T-shirt on a flat surface. Spread screen ink on the top of the screen. Squeegee the flooded screen to transfer the design on your T-shirt. Finally, cure the ink using a hairdryer. Wash your screen using cold water and a soft sponge. Allow your T-shirt to air dry.

Step 4: Stencil Your Design

Use tape to fix your design on a contact paper. Using a knife, cut out the black sections of your design and then peel the contact paper. Get a piece of cardboard and place it inside your T-shirt. Using a sponge brush, paint your fabric. Once the paper is dry, peel off the contact paper.

Step 5: Bleach Paint the Design

Place a piece of cardboard inside your T-shirt and sketch your design using chalk. Use clips to hold the T-shirt firmly on the cardboard. Dip a brush in your breach and use it to trace your design. Allow the breach to react. Allow it to dry under the sun for one hour and then wash and rinse.


Following the above steps, you can produce appealing designs on your T-shirt. These steps can be used to produce custom T-shirts for your events.

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