Citizen volunteers advising City Council on cycling issues

Tour de Mississauga

February 4, 2016:  In 2016, the 9th annual Tour de Mississauga (new website) will be operated by a third party and the MCAC will be an advisor but no longer be responsible for organizing it.  We will continue to publicize the Tour as part of our efforts to promote cycling in Mississauga.  Online 2016 Tour Registration is *OPEN*.

Because of this change, MCAC's former 'Tour de Mississauga' Facebook Page has been renamed to 'MississaugaCycling' and we will be covering a wider range of Mississauga cycling issues there.

Meanwhile, the FREE Community Rides series will remain a program of the MCAC.  See our 2016 Schedule of 'mini-tours' covering every part of Mississauga!

2015 Tour Participants (8th annual)
Thanks for supporting our volunteer efforts for eight years!

Click image for full 2016 Rides Schedule and links to webpages for each ride