2018 Community Rides: Sponsor

Toronto Pearson will be continuing their exclusive Sponsorship of the Community Rides Series in 2018, for a fifth year.  Thanks to this support, each Community Ride features FREE refreshments (usually ice cream).

KICK-OFF:  This year's Kick-off Ride to the Airport was again hosted by Toronto Pearson, on May 5, 2018 (approximately 150 riders registered).

FREE DRAW:  As always, there was a DRAW for an Ultimate Airport Tour of Toronto Pearson at the 2018 Kick-Off Ride, a highly coveted prize (see sidebar).


FREE Community Rides T-Shirts

November 2017:  Thanks to Toronto Pearson's sponsorship, we were able to produce a FREE souvenir T-shirt for all the communities we have toured in Mississauga (the alphabetical listing is on the back).  The 25 bicycles on the front (in Toronto Pearson logo colours) represent the 24 Community Rides plus the Tour de Mississauga which were conducted in 2017.
NOTE: All T-shirts have now been handed out.

Here's how the T-shirts look (at the Cycling Master Plan Open House in November 2017).