FALL Community Ride: Malton Area & Humber Trail

DATE:  Saturday, October 14, 2017 @ 10:30+ am  (65 registered)

START / END:  Malton Community Centre, 3540 Morning Star Drive (map).  Public parking lot (off Darcel Avenue) is available for those who drive their bike to the venue.  NOTE: Participants in Tree Planting event @ 10:00 am (check-in @ 9:45 am) should also park here, since the planting site is nearby (see aerial at left).  Footwear may be changed before the Ride (e.g. no cleats for tree-planting).  If the tree-planting event exceeds the time allocated, the start-time of the Ride will be delayed. The Ride will not begin until the Bike Challenge Tree Planting event is complete.

FEATURES:  We explore the West Humber Trail and Indian Line Trail (both in northern Etobicoke) after briefly touring Malton on the Greenway and the Malton Loop Trail.  We will explore a new route and have an adventure!  Images from the test ride taken from here: rough MAP.

DID YOU KNOW?  The boulevard trail on Finch Ave was there before the Humber Trail extension under Hwy 427 so now serves as a great connection to the Toronto trail system -- a showcase of how Malton is connected to the Humber Trail.  The Humber Trail follows the Humber River all the way to the Palace Pier on Lake Ontario -- all dedicated bike trails 99%.  Where the Humber Trail meets the old Indian Line Road is where the Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto borders converge.  The Indian Line Campground is in Brampton, the homes on Longo Circle are in Mississauga and the Claireville Dam is in Etobicoke (Toronto) -- Stephen Roberts (former MCAC member for Ward 5)

CELEBRATE:  This is a special ride after the first Tree-Planting event (at Elmcreek Park in Malton) for the Mississauga Bike Challenge (tree planting starts @ 10:00 am; check-in @ 9:45 am).  NOTE: You do not have to plant trees to join this Ride, or even to have been in the Bike Challenge!  There will be FREE refreshments for participants.

RIDE WITH GPS!  [Distance: 13.6 km round-trip]

GPS route MAP

Click map image at left for enlargement


SUMMER Community Ride: Malton

 DATE:  Saturday, July 8, 2017 @ 10:00 am  (65 registered)

MEET / PARKING:  Paul Coffey (Malton) Arena, 3430 Derry Road East (map) at Goreway Drive (SW corner) where we will be gathering in the parking lot to begin the ride.

END POINT:  McDonalds, 3510 Derry Road East (map) across the road from the Arena.

FEATURES:  The route includes the Malton Greenway along Mimico Creek, Paul Coffey Park (formerly Wildwood Park), Victory Village and Old Malton Village and the new Malton Village Park.

RIDE WITH GPS!  [Distance: 15.9 km round-trip]

GPS route MAP  (Final)


Click map image at left for enlargement




FEATURE:  The Malton Greenway along Mimico Creek


View of the MALTON GREENWAY (Bridge) over Mimico Creek:

Visit the CF-100 airplane monument at Legion Memorial Gardens on Derry Road East (west of Goreway Drive).
Click for Malton history.