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About MCAC

The Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC) is a volunteer citizen committee advising City Council and staff about cycling issues in Mississauga.

MCAC Agendas and Minutes are posted on the City's website, which also lists our citizen members.

MCAC Terms of Reference 2015 (5p PDF)

In 2018 MCAC conducted Community Rides during the months of May through October.

► View MCAC Report to Council (December 14, 2016)  (24p PDF)

MCAC Openings - Citizen Members

ATTENTION CYCLISTS:  Are you interested in serving as a volunteer Citizen Member on the MCAC?  There are openings and we encourage you to apply.  You must be a Mississauga resident and a Canadian citizen.  Appointments are made from every part of the City to ensure local balance, a factor in the City's selection process.

View the City's Citizen Appointments webpage for more information and a link to the online application form (2p PDF).  The extended deadline is February 19, 2019 for applying to serve on MCAC for this new term of Council.  NOTE: You may always apply for a future vacancy.

MCAC's January 2019 Meeting - We're Still Here!

January 9, 2019:  Following our first official meeting in seven months (January 8, 2019), MCAC is pleased to confirm that we still exist as an Advisory Committee of Council with our own voice via this website and our social media accounts (icons restored to the top of this webpage).

An urgent Motion (MCAC-0004-2019) was passed concerning the City's new Signalized Crossrides which MCAC deems too dangerous to remain open while revised (safe) design options are developed by staff.  The crossrides should be deactivated immediately.  Council will review this at General Committee on January 16, 2019  (Approved, with Direction).

A Motion about future control of MCAC communications accounts passed unanimously, after our detailed questioning of City staff revealed there had been no change in policy nor in the MCAC Terms of Reference to underpin the City Clerk's directive made last August, that AT staff would take control of our website and social media accounts as of December 1, 2018.  Council will review this motion at GC on January 16 (Approved).

Mississauga News opinion column - John Stewart (January 12, 2019): Mississauga cycling community’s frustrations just go round and round and round: Key ingredient lacking in cycling strategy is political will.  View the full text here (2p PDF).

Excerpt: "There’s lots to be discouraged about, including a cycling master plan approved by council despite a motion of non-support from the MCAC.  Current funding levels would require 95 years to complete the bike path network, although staff’s recommending budget funding this year would reduce that to 27 years. ... [Founding MCAC Chair Phil Green] complained the city ignored citizen expertise it solicits.  Current members provided contemporary exhibits showing little’s changed.  Members warned of unsafe conditions because of a sewer construction project [BWP] on Burnhamthorpe Road path and, most alarmingly, passed a motion to close the city’s new signalized crossrides.  The committee members believe the crossrides are confusing and potentially life-threatening."

Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Ward 2 Councillor Karen Ras and Ward 3 Councillor Chris Fonseca attended the meeting, in addition to former Ward 6 Councillor David Culham, and Founding MCAC Chair Phil Green, who made a presentation (link below) regarding the history of MCAC and cycling advocacy in the City over the past quarter century and more.  Nicole Hanson, latest recipient of the Phil Green Recognition Award was also present.  We believe the current politicians gained a deeper understanding of MCAC's role and activities and our contribution to the city-building process.  Photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

MCAC citizen members were especially pleased with the excellent turnout by concerned members of the cycling community, who were present as public witness to the entire discussion, which included several unresolved safety issues raised with Active Transportation staff months ago.  This made clear to the politicians and staff at the meeting that the interest being served must be the safe mobility of all vulnerable roads users (VRUs) -- both cyclists and pedestrians.

MCAC MOTIONS: Included (approved) on the General Committee of Council Agenda (January 16, 2019) - Item 9.1 MCAC Report 1:

That control of the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC) website and social media accounts be transferred to the appropriate citizen member for the next term of MCAC and that should the City’s website and social media policy be amended in the short term to disallow this transfer, the accounts are to be archived.

1. That all newly installed Crossrides be deactivated immediately due to safety concerns and that City staff report back on a new crossrides plan.
2. That the recommendation be forwarded to the Region of Peel for their consideration to deactivate the crossride at Winston Churchill Blvd. and Britannia Rd.


Item 5.1  Deputation: Some Reflections and Suggestions on Cycling in Mississauga: Phil Green, MCAC Founding Chair - 36p PDF (slideshow)

Item 7.1  Burnhamthorpe Multi-Use Trail Changes: Leonard Verwey, MCAC Citizen Member - 2p PDF  [including concerns re: Signalized Crossrides and BWP Detours]

Item 7.3  MCAC Website and Social Media Pages: Dorothy Tomiuk, MCAC Citizen Member - 2p PDF  [including concerns re: future City control of MCAC communications]

David Culham, former Ward 6 Councillor:  (Yes, the Culham Trail owes its existence to David!).  Stated that many of these disconnects have happened because political leadership needs to go through the bureaucracy which is there to control.  Council has to lead.  Bureaucracy chews up leadership time.  Councillors need to utilize the volunteers to lever this effort.  Dave later wrote: "Your present creation of a website and to communicate is not only a good approach but the best one.  I agree with Phil Green and his recommendations.  They were perceptive, and expressed his abundant experience."

Irwin Nayer, MCAC Vice-Chair:  End-of-Term Remarks - 2p PDF  [including concerns re: Cycling Master Plan Update and Signalized Crossrides].

Mayor Bonnie Crombie apologized for her remarks on December 12, 2018 at Council.  She hopes some on MCAC will reconsider their resignations.  She understands the disconnect between MCAC, staff and Council.  We need institutional memory (which will be lost if everyone on MCAC resigns).  She wants to re-invigorate the MCAC.  Cycling is a priority for her.  She feels we have been responsible with use of our website and social media accounts.

MCAC Communications Update & January 2019 Meeting

December 17, 2018:  MCAC is still maintaining this website and our social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook).  Discussion about future control of these MCAC communications platforms is now finally and rightly placed on the Agenda for the next scheduled MCAC meeting on January 8, 2019 @ 6:30 pm at City Hall (2nd Floor, Cmte Room A).  This is a public meeting and all are welcome to attend.

The MCAC Agenda (January 8, 2019 - 30p PDF) is now posted.  This is the first official MCAC meeting since June 2018.

See other MCAC articles outlining some of the key concerns which will be raised at the January 8 meeting, including the Letter from the MCAC Chair, safety concerns about the new Signalized Crossrides, safety concerns about the cycling detours for the Burnhamthorpe Water Project, how/when Vision Zero will be implemented in cycling infrastructure design, and actual funding allocation for cycling infrastructure in the 2019 City Budget.

Since applications to serve as citizen members for the next term of the MCAC were to be received until January 4, 2019 (we have asked for an extension), a quorum of current members remain seated.  In the interests of the next MCAC, we wish to ensure that due process is followed for decisions which will affect the new members, and we will advocate for their continued independent advisory role as outlined in the MCAC Terms of Reference.  NOTE: The City has extended the deadline to apply by several weeks.  The City will be advertising and promoting the extension (w/b posted here).

UPDATE:  (January 8, 2019)  The Mississauga News has just published a highly misleading article about tonight's public meeting of the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC).  The citizen members will maintain quorum so that there is still an MCAC until the next committee is sworn in (March or April, 2019).  Maintaining quorum is our way of respecting the incoming MCAC, and being able to act until they can, and facilitating an orderly transfer.  Tonight’s meeting is NOT about further resignations or grandstanding about not reapplying.  Those who did not reapply to MCAC are still seated and are attending tonight in that spirit.  There are serious cycling issues on tonight’s Agenda which we will be addressing, and that is where the focus should lie.  The MN article may be viewed here.

Letter to Mayor & Council from the MCAC Chair

December 16, 2018:  MCAC Chair Donnie Morris has written a Letter to the Mayor and Council via email (image at left), inviting them to the next MCAC meeting (Tuesday, January 8, 2019) to hear our concerns.  MCAC Vice-Chair Irwin Nayer endorsed the Letter and echoed its content which states:

MCAC members are disappointed in the interactions they have had with City staff over the last four years.  Our mandated role is to provide advice, but after four years it has become increasingly apparent that City staff and Council neither want nor seek our advice.

We also have many outstanding safety concerns which have arisen (and which we have documented) during the seven (7) months we have not been officially scheduled to meet.  One urgent concern is the configuration, installation, operation and promotion of the new Signalized Crossrides at some traffic intersections, which MCAC has advised are unsafe.

The Letter also references the Council meeting of December 12, 2018 during the appointment of Councillors to various Council committees (Agenda item 14.2.2).  The video of the Council meeting is posted at mississauga.ca/videos (indexed by date).  Discussion of Councillor appointments to MCAC begins at 3:28:40 in the video, including disparaging remarks cited in the Letter.

We are pleased that MCAC's founding chair (25 years ago), Phil Green, will be providing historical perspective and insight at our January 8 meeting in light of our mutual concerns.

Control of the MCAC Website and Social Media Accounts

November 30, 2018:  MCAC was first informed (on August 29, 2018) by the City Clerk's Office that our website was to be maintained by staff in the Active Transportation Division (rather than by our own citizen members) as of December 1, 2018.  In preparation, we streamlined this website to only provide information about MCAC decisions and activities from the past term.  Also in question was the future control of our social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) for which the passwords were requested by the Active Transportation Division along with mailing lists and all data files.  None of these were provided to City staff, pending due process.

UPDATE:  This matter was on the Agenda (30p PDF) for the MCAC meeting on January 8, 2019.  Outcome of the Meeting.